They have to be very careful about injuries- Farouk Khan

They have to be very careful about injuries- Farouk Khan

Category : Football | Posted on 2020-07-30 By : Sinenhlanhla Ngwenya Image : Google

Following the announcement of PSL President Irvin Khoza, former Kaizer Chiefs assistant Coach Farouk Khan agrees with the resumption of the PSL and has stated his concerns for the players.


"I do think that if we look at the way the PSL is run, it is a really professionally run organization and I think they have done their homework in as far as setting up systems to ensure that once the players are tested, then they will be regularly tested," said Farouk.


"Once they get into the bubble precautions will be taken to ensure that there is very little chance of infection and they will have medical people.

"The President has made it clear that if you don't pass the relevant test that will be put in place you are out.

"He said that very loud and clear that if clubs don't follow the rules and regulations they have been set they won't be part of these last matches that are going to be played."


The national lockdown started on the 26th of March as a result of Covid-19, intending to lessen the spread and that was the beginning of the period of inactivity.


The coach acknowledges that the long period of inactivity during the national lockdown might have an effect both on the mentality and psychology of the players and coaches.


He claims that although both coaches and players might be excited to return to the field, fitness is something worth paying attention to.


"There is a lot of individual training before training was allowed to take place at club level. The people who were disciplined were ensuring that they kept  themselves fit to a certain level," Farouk added.

"But training on your own is not the same as training with a team environment. So, that is obviously a concern as far as injury is a concern.

"Coaches and players will be very excited to get back but at the very same time they will be very cautious because normally if you look at it. 

"If you take into account that when you have your pre-season you normally have six weeks of intense preparation where the players prepare. 

"They even go away on and they're on camp and that is a process that is done very thoroughly, but now I think there is less time."


He continued to set an example that perhaps should the players have entered lockdown on a level 10 scale it is possible that they could be on level 02 or 03 right now.

This is one reality faced by the teams currently along with getting the team members to feel like a team. This along with the quality in-game fitness are a concern for the former assistant coach.


"They have to be very careful about injuries. That is one concern that I have, when a player is not fully match-fit. There is a difference between being match-fit and being fit."

"Coaches will try to do their best, coaches that have the facilities, coaches that manpower, in other words clubs that have a big baseball of players. In other words quality in reserve.

"They will then will obviously fair better than teams that have just enough players to make up maybe 20 quality players.

"The rest are probably younger players that are still doing their internship. But now talking about bigger clubs who have the manpower and the players, they will obviously be in a better position than you clubs who don't have the ability to have rotation with quality as a norm."



While confirmation of the kick-off times and dates are yet to be confirmed, Khan waits hopefully along with fellow football fans and hopes for a successful remainder of the league.


"You know Covid has taken a lot form us, and not just financially but psychologically as well, but I think football will bring more of a boost into our ability to get back to normal in an abnormal situation," Khan concluded.