Have the headphones replaced "Igwijo" in topflight football?

Have the headphones replaced "Igwijo" in topflight football?

Category : Football | Posted on 2020-07-28 By : Dumisani Koyana Image : Instagram@gwijosquad

Music is part of our culture as African especially singing Amagiwjo, footballers will tell you that nothing psychs one up before a match than a few renditions of "Asambe Nono, Nomathemba, AyabaYaba" just to name a few. I have been in that situation when you on your way to the game, one teammate at back just starts clapping at the back of the bus and the whole team start humming and the noise level just goes up and the driver switches off the music and its a festival in the bus. As you step out you are already in gear four, some say its already warm-up on its own. 


In a few instances, it has brought fear to the opponents as they can see how ready you are for the encounter. 


Sesethu Time made the news with his rugby boys from Queens College, the way the sang before a game caught the country by storm and “Igwijo is a way of unifying the team before a game. I never tell them to sing, they sing of their own accord. “It comes from the heart, through the soul and the message to the opponent is powerful, said Time in an interview with Daily Dispatch.


Has technology taken over that element of the game? Yes, for me it has. Why do i say that? We have seen players rocking "Airpods and headphones listening to their own music and being in their world. it has taken away that brotherly camaraderie and the only time they would drop a tune is on the tunnel before going to the warm-up session and for me, that is not enough.


I have had few chats with a few footballers, who attest that they listen to whatever sets the mood for them on their way to the ground be it Gospel, Hip Hop, Amapiano or Kwaito but i still tell them nothing beats "Gwijoing". Recently i had a chat with Roland Putcshe, the Austrian shared how at training Bhongolwethu Jayiya just rocked up a tune and he was not even aware what was happening but soon realised that everyone had joined in and the dressing room at training had a mini-concert, to his amazement he whipped out his phone and recorded the whole concert "LOL" and he shared it with his friends and family back at home. All i can say that was a proper welcome to Mzansi for him.


Airpods have taken away everything from our beautiful game, the interaction with the crowd. What will it take to have "Igwijo" back? 


Big up to teams that still have kept the tradition, i have seen teams arriving at the airport and being welcomed by their faithful supporters and there is little interaction.


We have seen the power of Igwijo and what it does to one and one big testament is Matteo, the young man is a true definition of the way things should be. The masses around the country have fallen in love with him and he brings joy to everyone when he drops a number and all the players follow suit.


Can we go back to the old ways, or do we let Airpods take over?


I bow out with my favourite Gwijo, Lomoya lona uyabanda and we must make it warm.......