Let’s give coaches time

Let’s give coaches time

Category : Football | Posted on 2020-07-28 By : Christopher Bongo Image : Google

There is an African proverb, a short proverb, from the Republic of the Democratic of Congo, you have to be fully tuned to understand it and this Liverpool season has provided the explanation: give time to time.


The 2019/2020 Championship run of Liverpool FC, it has exposed the limitations of a short-sighted African approach to any enterprise, especially football.


Paraphrasing Klopp's words from his first interview as Liverpool head coach, " This is a project...all I need is time to turn doubters to believers". The key word there is "time".


The main difference between successful entrepreneurs and not so successful ones is often the concept of time.


In the continent, every football owner in this era of "money football" wants to win and win today. Time is viewed based on one or two seasons.


Liverpool and Klopp have proven that, a great project needs time.


Why don't we in Africa understand that, football is a project? Why is our sight so limited?


No top team in South Africa would give a coach time to build?


Steve Komphela has been judged at Kaizer Chiefs because he didn't win the league.


He had improved Chiefs in his time becoming the best defensive team in the country, playing multiple finals... And yet, he was regarded as a failure.


Liverpool's championship run should be a learning opportunity for our football owners and fans.


My conclusion is there is nothing more valuable than time the moment you have identified an individual to lead your team, ask for their short and long term plans and if you accept them, support them with all their need and give them time.


Any enterprise without longevity and legacy planned, will not survive nor yields fruits.