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The survival of South Africa professional league depend massively on clubs local support.


We make noise about football because we love the game. But we must also show our love to Mzansi football in supporting it survival. Our attitude toward our game is poor and not helpful. We are known as big talker but timid in action.


The Covid-19 that led to the suspension of football activities around the world and as soon as two months of inactivity, we got exposed. We start experiencing our football clubs biggest issue, affordability,  "finance".


You see, football needs money and money comes from you the fans. This is how it works everywhere. Unless, you live above Limpopo River and below the Sahara where professional football is part of government budgets.


But still, football clubs are privately ownedbut participate in the local professional set up. To run a football club, the owners need to pump money, to invest in the club. And in Africa, that is an activity without planned profit, it is "benevolent" for personal gratification and sometimes, for prestige.


Owning a football club in the continent is all about the "love & passion" of the game. The amount of investment can be bottomless and the headaches can reach an explosive level.


So, what is Mzansi football problem?

We have heard that, certain clubs are not able to pay player's salaries. As bad as it sound, this could be a small problem. The big problem that we could face, in a very near future, a " total closure" or disappearances of well known clubs.


In South Africa, football clubs do receive grants from the league. The league receives payments from sponsors and the broadcaster.


The financial health of the league depends on multiple incomes. That should be the same situation for all clubs in the league. Currently this is not the case for the clubs as they have only one serious and consistent source of income and that money isn't enough, they need much more to survive.


Clubs need multiple sources of income where the most important source should be you, the fans.


Unfortunately, out of the 16 clubs in Mzansi, only 4 or 5 teams can count on more than one source of income. The rest don't have that luxury.


Let's see what could happen after these challenging times if as fans, we don't change our attitude toward seriously supporting our football clubs.


I forsee many clubs not surviving beyond two seasons businesses. The owners will have to sell their PSL status to recuperate as much or little money their had invested in the club.


Those who won't be able to sell, they won't be able to compete with the top 5 historical clubs which also have sponsors. The muscles to buy quality players.


As I said, to survive, you need minimum 3 solid incomes; the grant, sponsorship and gate taking & marchandises.


Yes, gate taking & marchandises are you, you the supporters need to contribute week in, week out if you wish to see football continue in this country. Remember, without a serious professional league, it will have an impact in the national teams and South Africa football in general.


Financially stable clubs will import more and local players will suffer.


The reason Europeans football survive is nothing else but the support received from the local and international fans. They make sure they support their clubs, purchase marchandises, visite Their social media and participate in marketing campaigns.


The worse case scenario will be to have a league with only 3 or 4 clubs guaranteed to compete for the titles like in Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia...


But if you want a serious competition, you, the fans need to come to the table.


If not... You, the fans have no say where on how your beloved club will be replicated or called in the near future.


You, the fans should no cry when your team target season after season is to finish about relegation zone.


You, the fans should not cry when your club sells your star player to opposition.


There is no way else to say this, based on the way we behave as the fans, our football future isn't rosy unless we change.


Our clubs won't get sponsors without local support. The clubs would survive without sponsors money. The circle is small, very small. Invest in your team to keep it competitive.